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News as of 27.03.2020

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Storopack has made its website climate-neutral and is therefore taking another step toward greater sustainability and climate protection.
In collaboration with ClimatePartner, we have calculated the annual CO2 emissions released through the use of our website. These emissions are the result of the electricity consumed by data centers, servers, their high-energy cooling, the necessary hardware infrastructure, and more.

Storopack compensates for these CO2 emissions by supporting a hydroelectric power plant in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The company helps to finance both maintenance and expansion. The hydroelectric power generated replaces charcoal as the primary source of energy. The hydroelectric power plant has also helped to expand an electricity grid, with 5,000 households already connected, promoting economic development in the region.

You can find additional information about the supported project in our climate neutrality certificate: