Exceptionally eco-friendly and pourable padding material.


Developed by Storopack, PELASPAN® BIO is an exceptionally eco-friendly, pourable loose fill padding material. Our PELASPAN® BIO is certified in accordance with NF T51-800 making it home and garden compostable and are made entirely from starch material. Due to their tried-and-tested S-shape, the organic packaging peanuts interlock to create a coherent cushion that blocks, braces, and stabilizes your goods and prevents them from knocking against each other. They’re also odorless and attract next to no dust.


The benefit of the PELASPAN® BIO packing material is that it automatically fills all the void in a package and as a result keeps your products safe even when exposed to heavy strain. The all-around cushioning consisting of organic packaging peanuts goes into the carton simply and quickly and can be easily integrated into any packing process. Using the intuitive packing material does not require any training. If desired, Storopack’s packaging specialists can help you with the integration process and provide individual solutions.

Zwei kleine Produkte sind in einem Karton mit S-förmigen Bio Verpackungschips gepolstert.
Ein Karton mit Porzellanvasen und S-förmigen Bio-Verpackungschips
Ein Karton mit einer Etagere und S-förmigen Bio-Verpackungschips
Ein Karton mit Smartphones und S-förmigen Bio-Verpackungschips
Weiße S-förmige Verpackungschips


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