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News as of 08.03.2022

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Storopack begin its collaboration with the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup in 2018. Initially carrying out beach cleans to remove microplastics and raise awareness, then sponsoring the international cleanup programme this now extends to supporting the rewilding Marine Nature Reserve initiative.

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is creating exciting new Marine Nature Reserves (MNRs) across the British Isles. Starting in Scotland the first rewilding Marine Nature Reserve will be sponsored by companies purchasing 3 metre x 3 metre squares to help nature thrive, reverse species extinction and tackle climate change. The end target is 500,000 square metres.

Storopack customer collaboration

In 2022 Storopack joined forces with a number of their customers to collectively purchase a larger area of the Scotland Marine Nature Reserve to support this important environmental initiative.

Customers from across the UK including, Acopia Industrial Packaging in Bognor Regis, Actionpoint Packaging in Gillingham, Carlton Packaging in Milton Keynes, Ferrari Packaging in Scotland, UK Packaging Supplies in London and Woodway UK in Northampton have entered into a new partnership with Storopack to help buy a larger combined area of the new reserve. Every 3m x 3m square is provided with a unique what3words address for companies to identify their plot. 

Storopack Managing Director Richard Pulfrey comments “We are delighted to announce thanks to our valued customers who have joined us in supporting this important new initiative so far the total purchased value is £1250. These combined efforts mean the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is nearer to achieving its 500,000 square metres target and creating the new reserve in its fight to prevent marine pollution, protect endangered species and tackle climate change.”